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Clients choose to work with a Baskow & Associates Destination Management Company because of our total meeting management.

What is Total Meeting Management?

Baskow and Associates total meeting management is a turnkey solution to your internal and external meeting needs. Our services are customized to include the following elements to ensure the ultimate success of your program:

Consultation - Baskow will work with you to determine meeting goals, objectives and message to achieve your desired results. If requested, we'll help you establish your budget and discuss logistical factors to guide the selection of the appropriate location and venues. Our professionals have been managing meetings for many years and are ready to help you with yours!

Site Selection - Based on parameters established during the consultation phase, Baskow and Associates will prepare a complete presentation of all options available to you. Upon selection of venue, Baskow and Associates will arrange an on-site inspection of facilities to ensure suitability for your program.

Contract Negotiation - On your behalf, Baskow and Associates will negotiate the initial contract including rates, contract terms and conditions. Our team of meeting professionals specializes in negotiating the "tough issues" such as room rate, food & beverage minimums, cancellation and attrition policies as well as concessions including complimentary rooms, upgrades, staff reduced rates and meeting space cost.

Registration Process - Our powerful online registration process maximizes the utilization of your rooms and space through the use of advanced database technologies. We'll create a customized online registration site that will capture all of your event details, from basic demographics to conference registrations, inclusive/optional functions, housing and much more.

Click here to view a sample registration site >> 

By providing you with real-time reports accessible through a management website, you are kept up-to-date on trends, patterns of registration and established deadlines; we assist you with being proactive in making decisions affecting the budget and success of your program. 

Website Development - We'll register a unique name for your meeting and create a professional web site to house your information and registration pages. Depending on the needs of your program, the site can vary from a simple registration form and information page to a more extensive informational site which includes an online registration component. All sites requesting credit card information from the user employ the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt communications between the client and server. The time-line for website development is based on the complexity required and will be determined on an individual basis.

Real Time Reporting - Information is critical and timely-- up-to-date information is imperative. Our advanced registration technologies will provide you and your designated team members a web-based access to view and print real-time reports on any aspect of your event. Housing lists, arrival/departure patterns, meeting participation, scheduling, function space allocation, registration data, function attendance, special requests and much more is provided to you - accurate to the second you view the report.

We also monitor your registration activity, allowing us to be responsive on your behalf. This proactive approach enables you to make timely and well-informed decisions in all areas of your program affecting the final budget and achievement of your goals.

Click here to view a sample Real-Time Statistics Report.

Event Budgeting - Do you need to prepare budgets and track profit/loss scenarios in real time? Our team of professionals can assist you in estimating income and expenses and provide you with real-time reports showing actual registration income and tracking actual expenses. Our reports are available 24/7 via online access and are powerful tools for your management team.

Click here to view a sample budget report.

Click here to view a sample profit and loss report.

Tradeshow Management - Selling booths and managing logistics are time-consuming and labor intensive. Whether you have 50 or 500 booths in your tradeshow, our team will aid you in designing the tradeshow layout, selling booths, managing vendor timelines and making sure the myriad details are handled and reported to you in a timely and professional manner.

We'll design online graphical tradeshow layouts, allowing your vendors to view location and booth numbers before they register.

Sponsorships and other unique aspects of your exhibit are handled with professionalism and care.

On-site Management - Dedicated and experienced project managers are assigned to your program to ensure the smooth operation of all program elements including but not limited to:

  • Off-Site Venue Selection
  • Speaker & VIP Arrangements
  • Event Logistics
  • Social Activity Coordination
  • Customized Database Management
  • Set-up & Registration
  • Decorator Coordination
  • Housing Reports for Hotel & Client
  • Program Development
  • Ground Transportation
  • Food & Beverage Planning
  • Customer Service Center
  • Name Badges
  • Post-Conference Reporting
  • Troubleshooting
  • Security Coordination

Post Meeting Management - Baskow and Associates will review all billing for accuracy of charges prior to submitting to client. We also will conduct a post conference review of meeting goals, participation and all associated components to develop the overall event evaluation.

Surveys and Evaluations - Feedback and evaluations are a critical aspect of managing your meeting, and the experts at Baskow and Associates are able to handle your requirements. We'll help you write effective and powerful surveys or evaluations and we'll post them on your website for attendee completion! You'll get online graphical reports and we can also prepare powerful written reports analyzing your survey results.

Click here to view a sample survey from Baskow and Associates.

The primary benefit of partnering with our professional meetings team is our experience in planning hundreds of meetings each year.

Our purchasing power and expertise in all phases of the "total meeting" allows us to address individual meeting components while never losing sight of the "Big Picture" and your desired results!

"Peace of mind comes from hiring professionals"

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