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Baskow and Associates Destination Management Company Services

In today’s demanding marketplace time is often our most precious asset. A good DMC, like Baskow and Associates can save you hours, days and even weeks of precious time, not to mention untold amounts of money, by providing knowledge, expertise, creativity and an unlimited number of contacts that match your needs precisely and help you to deliver solutions that meet your companies goals.

The 35 years of relationships Baskow and Associates has with local suppliers are indispensable when it comes to securing more favorable rates, exclusive facilities and renowned service. Baskow representatives are always well-known within their region - the relationships they have with local suppliers have been honed and celebrated for over 35 years!

Here are some of the things Baskow and Associates can bring to the table through our DMC Services:

  • We listen to your needs
  • We have unlimited resources at our disposal
  • Personalized site selections
  • We have over 35 years of experience and relationships
  • Baskow has won numerous awards for customer service and excellence (Las Vegas Business of the Year 2012)
  • A team of professionals on call 24/7
  • We have immense knowledge of Las Vegas and cities world-wide
  • Baskow brings our buying power to you
  • We have exclusive VIP access to private venues and celebrity entertainment and events
  • Unique and interactive, customized activities
  • State-of-the-art ground transportation
  • One of the top 10 celebrity entertainment brokers in the world (Discovery Channel)
  • Amazing Keynote Speakers
  • We work with your budget
  • Themed Events
  • Incentive Programs / Reward Programs
  • Total Meeting Management
  • Trade Show Personal
  • Models and Spokespeople
  • We think outside the booth
  • DMC partners world-wide
  • Registration and Housing
  • Celebrity Golf Tournaments
  • Charitable Events
  • Green Meetings

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Baskow and Associates
2948 E. Russell Rd.
Las Vegas, NV 89120

Phone 702-733-7818
FAX 702-733-2052
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