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Breakout Sessions

Note: This is a preliminary agenda and is subject to change.
Please check back often for the latest agenda updates.

To view a PDF of the Breakout Session Matrix, please click here.


Symposium Breakout Session Descriptions


The following topics have been coordinated with the applicable presenter and are available for use at the Symposium.  They are broken into several general categories:  Outreach, Public Information/Media Operations, Visual Communication & Production, Professional Development, and Manpower & Personnel.  Additional topics still in development are listed on page eight.




2,000 miles to Norfolk...Why's the Navy in Sioux Falls?

LCDR Pam Bou, NAVCO Navy Weeks Program Manager

During Navy Weeks a variety of Sailors go to an area without a significant Navy presence to show Americans their investment in the Navy.  This session include why we have Navy Weeks, how the host cities are selected, the goals for each event, and the expectations of participants.  We will also discuss ways your Sailors can be included, even if they are not "on the ground" during Navy Weeks. 


Bicentennial of the Star Spangled Banner and the War of 1812

Dan Dayton, Navy History & Heritage Command

Mr. Dayton discusses the reasons for commemorating the War of 1812, the proposed command relationships, supported and supporting and PA manning effort and provides an outline of planned commemoration events which include Blue Angels, Tall Ships, Foreign Warships, NOAA and USCG, and U.S. Navy Warships in multiple major markets.


Music to Outreach By and the Naval Aviation National Outreach Program

LCDR Kevin Bissel, Band Support Officer, NAVCO, Mr. John Mills, Aviation Support Program Manager, NAVCO

The Navy Music Program supports Outreach: America's Navy.  Planning events with band support, delivering key messages and overcoming the loss of Navy Bands will be discussed.

Naval Aviation Outreach Program components, support levels, and the DD Form 2535 - Request for Military Aerial Support will be discussed in detail.


Outreach:  America’s Navy, An Update

Mr. Rob Newell, ACI for Community Outreach and CDR Kim Marks, Director NAVCO

In the two years since the CNO signed OPNAVINST 5726.8, "Outreach: America's Navy" has continued to grow and evolve. In this breakout session, Mr. Rob Newell, CHINFO's ACI for Community Outreach and CDR Kim Marks, Director of Navy Community Outreach in Millington, will provide an update on how PAOs can synergize their own command's outreach efforts with the Navy's outreach requirements.  Additionally, CDR Marks will provide a preview of the upcoming Navy Week schedule in 2012.   


Plugging Your Boss Into The Key Leader Engagement Program

Mr. Todd Martin, Speakers Bureau/Flag Officer Engagement Program Manager, NAVCO

Overview of Flag Officer Engagement Program.  Flag Officer as a key component of Navy Community Outreach, opportunities and resources available for Flag Officer, and Navy Week Flag Host overview will be discussed.





PA Support to Casualty Assistance Calls Officers

LT Paul Macapagal, CHINFO OI-3

Deaths of service members are always tragic, regardless of whether they died in combat or in other ways.  There is usually some local public interest, but at other times there is much greater interest.  If this happens, a Casualty Assistance Calls Officer (CACO) and the family of the deceased need expert PA support.  When this happens, leadership looks for who's closest -- whether active duty, civilian or Reserve -- to serve in that role.  In this session, LT Paul Macapagal leads a discussion about how YOU can be ready to answer the call.


Communicating Operational Stress Control

Katie Suich, NPC Public Affairs

Shape psycho-babble, dreary policy, and dry research into fresh and appealing stories about important Navy programs. Join us in this session to find out how this Thompson-Ravitz Award winning internal communication effort has succeeded in using resourceful communication strategies to increase awareness of the serious but seemingly dry issues of stress, psychological and spiritual health and suicide prevention. Learn how team building, feedback and humor successfully shape OSC messaging to the waterfront and the homefront, about the latest tools, training and applicable research. It’s critically important for our Navy that you, our information gatekeepers, effectively reach our leaders, Sailors and families with the information they need to thrive in the midst of an extremely challenging time. Let’s find ways new ways for us to work together.


Getting Published on navy.mil

Marie Tillery, DMA, & LTJG Shawn Eklund, NVNS

This session presents the process from ingest to publishing and will discuss the need for timely submissions and the best practices to use to ensure your stories and images make it "above the fold' on navy.mil.


How to Make the Navy PA Calendar Work For You

LT Reagan Balsamo, CHINFO OI-5

The Navy PA Calendar has been an online collaborative tool for one year and we want to give a brief on improvements, how to use the PA Calendar tool to help inform your command on events around the Navy and pull specific information for your needs.  We want your feedback and ideas on improving the tool, and we will bring that feedback to the contractor for feasible enhancements.  We want to highlight the visibility this tool gets among top Navy Leadership and describe how we can work together to make this tool work for us all.


Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Operations

Nancy Harrity, CHINFO OI-82

Tsunamis, earthquakes, floods - the Navy is often a first responder by virtue of our global reach.  No one in the world would argue that helping out people in need is the right thing to do - these stories sell themselves.  But HA/DR public affairs isn't as simple as just being there and telling the story of how America's Global Force for Good is responding.  The story and how it is told is much more than that.  In this session you'll learn about how to tell the HCA/HA/DR story for maximum reach.


Leveraging The Foreign Press Center

Andrew Strike, Dept. of Defense Press Liaison, FPC, and CAPT Cappy Surette, U.S. Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery

Mr. Strike and CAPT Surette will discuss the partnership they developed and how the FPC became an integral asset to BUMED’s communication efforts while addressing communication challenges within the crucible of Haiti in the aftermath of its devastating earthquake.


Social Media Roundtable

LCDR Chris Servello and Jessica Faller, CHINFO OI-2

For those of you who are up and running on social media but just can't seem to crack-the-code or don't know what to do next, bring your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blog questions and get some answers from the experts during this one hour, open forum. Please note: this session is not for beginners!


Telling Your Story Beyond Navy.mil

Jessica Faller and LT Shawn Eklund, CHINFO OI-2

Get your story told! Learn how to generate traditional and emerging content that makes an impact. What we look for on traditional mediums (Rhumb Lines, navy.mil) and how to leverage other mediums to tell your story effectively (Navy blog, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr).


Thompson-Ravitz Award Winner – Best in Show

Mr. Jim Brooks, PA Specialist, Naval War College, Newport, R.I.

Mr. Brooks will discuss his award winning communication efforts which solved an operational problem at NAS Key West with the help of stakeholders in the command and those in the local community.


The Art of Prepping your Boss

LT Paul Macapagal, CHINFO Media Operations (OI-3)

Does your boss know it all or at least think he does?  Do YOU know it all (or at least want others to think you do)?  Is your boss shy in front of the camera?  Has your boss ever said to you, "That interview didn't go as expected, I wish you would have prepped me better," or "You made me look like a Jackass, you idiot." Come and learn how to make your boss look smooth and polished and stay off the cover of Navy Times!  Learn how to media train like a pro- 2011 style. 


Uncovering the Truth Behind Navy Briefing Cards

LCDR Tamara Lawrence, CHINFO News Desk OI-3

Have you often wondered "What the heck is a Navy Briefing Card and why is CHINFO asking for one now?!"  Do you lie awake at night wondering what type of issues and topics need to be BC'd?  Clear up those questions at this session, which will discuss the process of Navy Briefing Card development, its usage, audience and distribution, why timeliness is critical and why CHINFO provides them to SECNAV and CNO. 


“U.S. Navy – Words That Work”

Dr. Frank Luntz

"It's not what you say.  It's what people hear."  Dr. Luntz draws upon his extensive research to share how Navy communicators can best inform Americans by speaking their "language," not the Navy's.  He will provide priceless insight on America's language, information public affairs professionals can apply for external and internal audiences.


You Don't Know What You Don't Know About Social Media

LCDR Chris Servello, Jessica Faller and Tracey Johnson, CHINFO OI-2

This session will highlight basic concepts that work around social media: word-of-mouth marketing, audiences talking to audiences, and how to create original content that resonates in the social atmosphere.





Understanding Your Afloat Media Systems

Janet Quigley and LTjg Dusan Ilic, Afloat Media Systems Program

This session will provide an overview of the capabilities of DPL/SITE, products supported by DPL/SITE, the SITE transition from analog to digital (NDVD's, server), DPL life cycle management, upgrades and modifications, training on DPL/SITE system, tips on troubleshooting and who to contact for technical support.


Great Visual Content through Creative Leadership

Rick Shaw, Director, Pictures of the Year International

This session provides best practices solutions for communications team managers (read PAOs and MCCs) on how to motivate photographers and inspire premium visual content.  The session discusses key stages of the assigning and editing process:

• Analyzing a story’s visual potential and determining the photographic approach.

• Maximizing team resources and evaluating time management.

• Effectively communication and creative collaboration with the photographers.

• Editing to let the visuals “show” aspects of a story that the text cannot “tell.”


Maximizing the Reach of Visual Impact

Rick Shaw, Director, Pictures of the Year International

This session explores innovative multiple-platform distribution concepts and how to

orchestrate a consistent visual message, from online multimedia and print, to nontraditional

platforms such as social media and mobile devices.  The session demystifies good multimedia and explores approaches to expand its reach:

• A Visual Toolbox: Using videography, still photographs, archives, and graphics.

• A multimedia story’s visual structure and the concepts for quality production.

• Presenting a consistent visual identity across print, online, and mobile platforms.

• Attracting viewers through online social networks and links with content partners.


Mission Focused Production for the 21st Century

Chris Madden, CHINFO OI-7, Director of Navy Visual News Service

Are we getting the most from our Navy-owned products?  Balance day-to-day communication efforts with the demands of both internal and external audiences. Whether it is Navy.mil, Facebook, Flickr, radio, print, broadcast or pod cast, it is about synchronizing our capabilities to satisfy communication objectives.  Mr. Madden discusses emerging strategies to deliver content to a 21st Century audience.


The VI Production Process

Joe Harris and Lee Thomas, VI Policy and Programs, Defense Visual Information, DMA

Contractor produced VI productions can significantly increase the impact, effectiveness, retention, and distribution of your Navy communication message.  But what are the traps, pitfalls and "gotchas" of contracting for VI productions?  How do you keep your message from being held up in a legal quagmire?  What does a Navy PA professional need to know about VI productions to keep the CO out of serious trouble?  This breakout will explore case studies of VI productions gone wrong and explain what you need to know to deliver a fully successful contracted production.





Accreditation in Public Relations

LCDR Karin Burzynski, JPASE, and Nancy Harrity, CHINFO OI-8

Doctors have MDs, lawyers have JDs, accountants have CPAs and IT professionals have a whole alphabet of professional certifications to choose from.  While today's communication professional doesn't need to have a graduate degree nor is required to be professionally certified to practice, professional certification is one way to demonstrate professional competence and commitment to professional growth.  If you think you're ready to take this step, attend this session to learn about the two primary accreditation programs available to U.S. communication professionals so you can determine which one is right for you.


Be THE Communication Expert - the SDSU Master's Degree

Dr. David Dozier, SDSU, and Bruce Cole, CHINFO OI-8

On the commander's staff, having formal education in mass communication and competent performance makes you THE expert in your field.  The San Diego State University master's degree in Mass Communication and Media Studies is where today's Navy PAO launches on that path.  Dr. David Dozier, the lead SDSU professor and co-founder of the program, discusses what PAOs learn and experience in this program.  A Navy graduate gives the student's perspective and tells of the highly valuable impacts to on-the-job performance and career aspirations.


Courageous Followership For Senior Leaders (O5/O6, E9, GS13-15)

Ira Chaleff, Executive Coaching & Consulting Associates

Ira Chaleff, author of The Courageous Follower:  Standing Up To & For Our Leaders, uses video, role play, discussion and practice for senior leaders to effectively frame issues to senior officials.  Participants receive a copy of the book to continue the development of courageous followership skills.  (Limit of 50 Attendees)


Courageous Followership for Leaders (O1-O4, E6-E8, GS7-12)

Ira Chaleff, Executive Coaching & Consulting Associates

Ira Chaleff, author of The Courageous Follower:  Standing Up To & For Our Leaders, uses video, role play, discussion and practice for leaders to effectively frame issues to their seniors.  Participants receive a copy of the book to continue the development of courageous followership skills.  (Limit of 50 Attendees)


Developing Our MCs – MC Internships

MCC Jay Pinsky,

The Mass Communication Specialist rating requires expertise in a variety of visual and public affairs skills. While standardized training both at DINFOS and within your commands provides a solid foundation for executing your PA mission, there is another aspect of education and training that has proven itself successful in maturing the mentorship and professional growth of today's MCs - the civilian-military internship.  This session is designed to help PA leadership, both civilian and military, learn the techniques used to research, build and execute civilian-military internship programs at your command to enhance your Sailors education and training. Writing, video, still imagery and multimedia platforms will be discussed.


MC Professional Development and Your Career

MCCM(SW/AW) Priscilla Kirsh, CHINFO SEA

How does the enlisted Sailor take ownership of their career and succeed in the MC community?  What can our Sailors expect from the chiefs, officers and civilians who lead them?  As leaders, how can you get the most out of your Sailors while helping them succeed?  This session will answer these questions and provide additional information on how to jump start your career and take it to the next level.  MCCS(SW/AW) Weatherspoon from the Center for Service Support and MC1(SW/AW) Denise Davis will be on hand to answer questions and provide career guidance.


Navy Media Awards Programs

Heather Paynter, CHINFO OI-8

This session will provide background and policy for the CHINFO Merit Awards as well as the Thompson-Ravitz Awards.  Discussion on judging criteria and provide guidance for preparing and submitting entries.  It will also address the awards program from the perspective of a command submitting an entry to include the preparation of a submission as well as the judge’s perspective and what makes one command’s communication program more effective than another.





Combat Camera

LT Ellen Bock, AOIC, Expeditionary Combat Camera, Norfolk, & LTJG Miranda Williams, OPSO, Pacific Fleet Combat Camera,

LCDR Young and LT Bock will discuss how to task, plan and employ Combat Camera and illustrate how a Commander’s visual communication objectives can be greatly enhanced through the lenses of the Navy’s Combat Camera experts.


CVN Media Department Operations

CDR Phil Rosi, AIRFOR, & CDR Pauline Storum,

A panel discussion with AIRFOR and AIRLANT Leadership and PAOs from USS ENTERPRISE addressing the CVN and Strike Group Public Affairs responsibilities, expectations, challenges, and best practices to best maximize the skills and capabilities of the CVN Media Department in supporting Navy, Fleet and shipboard leadership with products for the internal and external audiences.


Making The Most of Your IA

RDML Vic Beck, Vice Chief of Information

Making the most of your IA starts the first day you begin considering when and where you'll deploy. Long before you ever pack your seabag there are steps you can take to ensure that your experience is rewarding personally and professionally. From talking to your employer and your family to being a good shipmate to those in your unit who are mobilized, no topic is off limits in this candid discussion about going on an IA.


Navy Public Affairs Support Element Operations

LT Ron Yniguez, NPASE Operations Officer

This break out session is an overview of what NPASE brings to the fight.  It includes discussion on how NPASE services are requested and how missions are funded, assigned and executed. 


Career Choices & Telling YOUR Story

CAPT Anthony Cooper, DCI, and CAPT Jack Hanzlik, Officer Detailer

CAPT Hanzlik will provide some thoughts on detailing and choosing the right/next job before turning over the mic to CAPT Cooper who will discuss the importance of providing the right FITREP inputs as well as the importance in turning those inputs into polished FITREPs.


PA/VI Talent:  Building the Future Force

MCCM(SW/AW) Priscilla Kirsh

The backbone of our Public Affairs/Visual Information team lies with the men and women who have a true passion for our craft and are motivated to tell the Navy's story in words and pictures.  We've made significant progress in our talent efforts over the last year, but there is still work left to do.  The search for talent is an All Hands effort, so we hope you'll join us for this session to talk about our milestones so far and to lay out the path for our future efforts. 


Reserve Operational Support Planning

CDR Kyra Hawn & CDR Elizabeth Zimmerman, CHINFO Operational Support Officers

Tools, Timeline, and Tricks of the Trade needed to project and budget for optimal use of reserve component assets.


Your Career In 60 Seconds – What Does It Look Like In The Tank?

RDML Dennis Moynihan, Chief of Information

Writing FITREPs is as much the leader's responsibility as it is the responsibility of the officer for which it is being written. Leaders need to know and understand the key elements of writing effective fitness reports for their subordinates.  This session will provide key points from promotion board experience and discuss what makes one individual's FITREP more impactful to a selection board persuasive than another's.